Car Crush Club Vol. 1

10 great Car Crush Clips starring 8 gorgeous girls in this 44min. long movie


29,99 EUR instead of 51,90 EUR (when you buy each clip)

0001 - Jessica over-riding the teddy
18yo Russian girl Jessica throws the poor teddy into the snow and drives over it again and again. In the end she stops the wheel directly on him, applies the handbrake and burns out the tire on him!
0002 - Jenny vs. metal Cans
Sexy Jenny drives over some empty cans with her car. They crush really loud under the immense weight of Jenny and the car. She doesn't leave the scene until they're all completely flat
0003 - BBW Lady Cathy crushing a tiny girl under her wheels
BBW Lady Cathy drives over a shrunken girl with her car. You can hear the legs, arms and the whole tiny body crack under the weight when she slowly drives over her. She even places one of the front wheels on her body and turns the wheel so her tiny victim is grinded into the floor!
0004 - Jenny vs. tiny guys
Jenny shrunk a whole group of guys to only a few centimeters height! She uses a brand new Audi A5 to crush them and grind their remains into the ground!
0005 - Alicia runs over a doll girl
Latina Alicia has shrunken a girl who was flirting with Alicia's boyfriend. The bitch is only 1/10 of Alicia's size when Alicia drives right over her with her big car. She grinds the wheels on her tiny body until there's only a crushed mass left!
0006 - Heidi crushes a teddy under her heavy wheels
Czech playboy model Heidi crushes a teddy bear under her heavy tires. She runs over him slowly first, crushing his tiny body under the immense weight before she finishes him off by grinding the wheels on him!
0007 - Olga in real car vs. toy cars
1:1 vs. 1:100 - who do you think wins? Russian girl Olga tests it and crushes some tiny cars under the 100x bigger car she's driving. You can hear the small cars crush and burst under the tires which is really amusing for Olga!
0008 - BBW Cathy crushes a few cars & a teddy
BBW Cathy enjoys enormously crushing little, insignificant things and today she is having some great fun. She usually crushes small cars with her platform high-heels, but now she places them under the tires of her red convertible and slowly drives over them, loving the sound that they make while getting flattened. In the end she drives over a teddy bear too!
0009 - Jasmina Sun crushing a blonde doll
Jasmina Sun transformed this bitch into a little doll. She places the doll under the left tire of her red Bimmer and slowly drives over it, then reverses and repeats the exercise a few times until the doll is completely destroyed. In the end she gets out of the car and stomps on the remains a few times before taking off.
0010 - Mia crushes two tiny toycars
Sweet Mia has a lot of fun crushing stuff. Today she uses a heavy Audi to crush two small toycars. She gets out of the car and places the toycars just in front of the front tire, gets back in and drives over them very slowly. You can hear the plastic burst under the immense weight of her and her car. She drives over them over and over again until there are only tiny chunks left. In the end she gets out of the car and looks at the completely crushed cars, gets back in the car smiling and drives over them a last time before she takes off.